Through the Cellar Door

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Through the Cellar Door.
Wine education through passion, learn about the places & people that make wine possible.

Cellar Door and Tasting Rooms

Here is a space where I will review and comment on the various Cellar Doors and Tasting Rooms I visit.
I believe these spaces allow us a special view into the world of each vineyard we visit, and we can begin to understand the story they have to tell.
These reviews will simply outline what they had to offer at that point in time and whether I enjoyed my time there.



New Zealand



       Hawke's Bay



     Central Otago  

A cellar door to me is much more than point of sale or wine tasting.
It's a window into the soul of that winery or vineyard.
Whether you are speaking to an employee, a relative or the winemaker themselves you will most often come across a passion for wine that never fails to excite and delight.