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Classic European Wine Regions

To begin with we will have a bit of an overview of the main wine areas of Western Europe before tackling the more complex regions in detail.
We won't be able to cover everything, but this area will help you understand the diverse, traditional areas of wine growing.


Ahhh France.. the land of romance, long bread and of course, WINE!
The wines of France are often claimed to be the best in the world.
Discover this country of rich winemaking history and tradition as well as the homeland of many of your favourite varieties of wine grape.
-Explore French wine regions in brief


Italy is home to hundreds of varieties, as well as many more types of blends. It's history as many separate kingdoms has encouraged countless styles and every village has their own grape or blend that they specialize in. The Romans based here were also responsible for much of the spread of the grape vine across Europe, they just couldn't go without their favourite beverage!
-Explore Italian wine regions in brief


Today Spain is famous for it's big bold wines and it's hot climate has led to some of the most powerful wines in the world. It's viticulture prizes vine age above all else, and so this country has some of the largest amounts of gnarled ancient vines in Europe, producing tiny amounts of spectacularly concentrated wines.
The sea-faring Phoenicians helped introduce this area to the wonders of wine, bringing varieties here from the Middle East.
-Explore Spanish wine regions in brief


Germany, the home of Riesling. Produced since Roman times, most of Germany's wine regions centre around the river Rhine. Some of the northern vineyards are amongst the most Northerly vineyards in the world, making them some of the coolest vineyard sites in Western Europe. This climate is well-suited to white wine varieties and is famous for both sweet wines and crisp, dry whites.
-Explore German wine regions in brief


The western portion of the Iberian peninsula has developed a very different wine style compared to it's close neighbour, Spain. While Portugal is famous world-wide for it's fortified wines (namely Port), this country has a large number of native varieties which give it's wine industry great diversity. They even grow wine grapes way out in the Atlantic Ocean!
-Explore Portuguese wine regions in brief