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Hyperion Wines - Matakana, Auckland, New Zealand

December 2012

A humble place to hang your hat.

The converted cowshed - now winery

The converted cowshed - now winery

Maybe a place as small as this wouldn't necessarily constitute a 'cellar door' however the warm welcome I received from proprietor John Crone was exactly the heart-warming, friendly nature I love to experience when I visit someone to taste their wine.

When John arrived from out the back, my friend and I were busy nosing about the tiny front room, looking at all the well-named wines (all inspired by Greek myths and Gods) as well as the many wine and agricultural knick-knacks adorning the shelves.

He was immediately excited to give us a taste of everything he had.
And for some a small vineyard he sure had a wide range!
Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, a Merlot/Cabernet blend, Syrah and then the jewel of this whole modest vineyard: the Malbec.
This hot spot just outside of Matakana township has now produced one of the finest young Malbecs I have ever had the pleasure to taste. As you tasted it, I could almost close my eyes and imagine the cow shed before me falling away and an ancient Greek temple rising in it's place. This unique little Malbec certainly spoke of grander things than this slice of rural New Zealand but at the same time it felt right at home.

This trip was my friend's first foray into wine tasting and to my surprise it was the Malbec that she fell in love with. It's certainly not a beginner's wine, but I certainly can't fault her taste!

Hyperion is truly stunning in Autumn as well.

Hyperion is truly stunning in Autumn as well.

Value for money: John gave us the tasting free of charge, which especially for such a wide range was very generous of him.

Experience: A rustic rural outside that made me think I'd taken a wrong turn somewhere, but a warm, welcoming inside with John Crone being about as warm and genuine a man as I have ever met.

Tasting: John let us try 'em all so I certainly can't complain about the tasting selection! Again the Malbec was an absolute stand-out. Pop by and get the 2011 'Midas' Malbec if there is still any left.

Final Verdict: A lovely little slice of kiwiana, run by a man passionate about his home and it's very apparent potential.
Stop by in the Summer on a weekend and enjoy a chat with John and some quality small-production wines not often found outside Matakana.