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Through the Cellar Door.
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Wine Regions of the World

We're going on a world-wide trip here!
Don't expect this section to be complete any time soon, it's a big wine-filled world out there!
Whether you would like to know where exactly in the world New Zealand is, or you would like to know exactly what makes the Loire Valley so special, this section will help put the jigsaw pieces of the world wine-map together.
So let's start the journey!

Classic European Wine Regions

The wine regions of Western Europe are the ones everyone has already heard of, and for good reason! Long histories of winemaking and many excellent traditions, you will want to know these places off by heart!
This section will explore the France, Italy, Spain and a few other countries.
Start here if you're a fan of the classics!

New World Wine Regions

'New World' usually refers to a small but ever-growing rag-tag group of non-European countries that are working on fresh styles of wine, using the classic varieties.
This section includes, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina as well as other young wine producing countries.
Start here if you like something new and funky!

Ancient and Tucked Away Wine Regions

The fantastic winemaking areas you may not have heard of and some of which basically started it all!
Ever tried some Tokaji wines from Hungary?
How about something from Israel?
Did you know that Croatia is responsible for some of your favourite varieties and has been making wine since long before the Romans even sipped their first wine?
Start here if you want to explore outside of the mainstream