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Latest Wine Education Posts:

Learn something new, about your favourite region or variety!

Wine Regions:

Comprehensive overviews of exciting wine regions around the world!
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Tasmania - Australia's Southernmost and only island state makes world-class Pinot Noir!
Western Australia- The source of over 1/4 of Australia's premium wines!
Victoria - Australia - Varied region of Australia with both warm and cool climate wines!
Germany - The cool climate home of Riesling and the steepest vineyards on Earth!

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Latest Grape Variety:

Get a bit of a background on our favourite fruits!

Chardonnay - This grape is the most widely planted in the world!
Riesling - Zesty, bright and fresh new wines made in cool climes

Weekly Weird & Wonderful Wines:

Learn about something completely outside the box!
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Week Nine - Gotas de Mar Albariño 2014
Week Ten - Domaine Rolet Arbois Vin Jaune 2008

Cellar Door and Tasting Room Reviews:

Read about my visits to Cellar Doors and Tasting Rooms all around the place! - Find more here.

Rippon Vineyards - Central Otago - New Zealand
Forrest Wines - Marlborough - New Zealand


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